Saturday, February 21, 2004

So apparently this "blog" thing is really in if CNN feels the need to run a story on them and previously faceless women in Iran can use them to scream an identity in the world. But you also know that when CNN has checked, rechecked, post-checked, under-checked their facts and finally gotten around to publishing an article, it's pretty potato and yesterday.

I've "grown up" with the Internet (wrote my first email using a dinosaur of a DOS based program called PCMail at UVA in 1994) so blogging doesn't present a major fascination to me. I am just starting to realize there are those who aren't accustomed to baring their souls online. These are the same who have never entered a chat room, posted a picture, or downloaded a movie.

My friend FD struggles with the concept of online "diaries" and wondered if blogging is done as a cry for attention. She had kept a diary since she was little and had never (and will never) let any other pair of eyes ever set on the contents.

For me, I was just poking around the Google page. I've always lacked the patience for keeping a diary past day 2 or we'll see how long electronic peer pressure keeps this alive.

POTW will try to post one per week.


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