Saturday, February 21, 2004

I got to walk in the rain today!

For those who have never visited Southern California, precipitation only falls about 4 times a year, today being one of those rare occasions. The residents who call this fragile ecosystem home, scurry about hiding from the light sprinkles in thick woollen coats normally reserved for "serious" winter weather in other states.

I was quite happy to bounce about in the puddles. My true goal was to watch the Cirque Du Soleil talent search which was unfortunately cancelled due to the "inclement weather". Redirecting my energies, I visited Valentino Chocolate, the only one that exists outside of Belgium. I was diagnosed at a very young age with a horribly crippling addiction to decadently rich, fancy, and expensive chocolates.

If you love me, feed me. I'm serious.

I've been playing a highly addictive game for the past few hours. I'm enamoured of it's simplicity the same way I am with Pitfall, Pong, and Bomberman.

I'm a child of the 80's video game revolution. Things like up up down down left right etc. mean something to me.

Also having a mild shopping are some coupons to fill those wardrobe holes you may be suffering:

  • Kenneth Cole, 10% off the new spring line, use promo code 90241, good through 3/3/04
  • Nine West, $10 off in stores or online, good through 2/28/04
  • American Eagle (a wallet friendly version of Abercrombie without the in your face nudity), 15% off in stores or online, use promo code 71788351, good through 2/24/04
  • Karmaloop, 10% off, use promo code HEART10, good through ?


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