Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Day after.

Saturday was an endlessly long day. Up at 7 to cram myself into the Metro with 500,000 other commuters to the Cherry Blossom festivities. I am ever thankful that DC has such a well laid out, clean, safe, and timely public transportation system. There are few in the world that can rival its level of user-friendliness.

Met some cool peeps with OCA-YP as we watched the parade (which I haven't done since I was a kid), mosied around the street festival (ran into SO many friends), and traipsed around the Tidal Basin to enjoy the annual spring rite of blossom arrival in gorgeous 70 degree weather. FYI, free ice cream is always a good thing my book, especially if it can be strawberry.

Almost had a heart attack with a UF Gator/NIH run-in which Peter was very gracious about. Some things just take time.

I earned myself a very silly looking triangular patch of sunburnt redness just below the base of my neck, otherwise, my new daily ritual of applying sunblock seems to have paid off! I showed off my red triangle at the pre-opening party at Avenue for VC's birthday, good thing those places are dark. Official verdict on Avenue, pretty, larger and cleaner than Home, but still cramped, and the air conditioning REALLY needs a boost. Official verdict on VC: "I can't remember past 15." The Sunshine Band's very nice promoter friend Phil took 3 of us over to Dream afterwards where we rang into Miss Holly Golightly. I'm so happy to run into my friends all over the place like this, just goes to show how tightly knit the little "town" of DC really is.

Today I nursed an awful sinus headache and cold-like symptoms which seem to develop everytime I got out to a club at night. I wonder if I'm developing allergies to smoke in my ripe old age.

Mussels, I love you, you are such a dear friend. Thanks for the intervention, self-loathing is a great word, and for some, it's just desserts. EAT UP, YOU'VE EARNED IT.


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