Monday, May 09, 2005

Sad day of all sad days.....Quest China is on hold indefinitely, but my friends and I have spent too much time working on my audition tape to NOT send it in.

> Dear semi-finalists of Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan:
> We are very sad to announce that AZN Television has just pulled the
> funding for Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan. House Films and AZN TV are not able
> to come to agreement about the nature and direction of the show, as the
> original creators and producers of the show, we are not willing to give up
> our creative integrity.
> Our vision for Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan is about people from different
> cultural backgrounds coming together, having an adventure and journey in
> China, at the same time discovering themselves and different cultures. We
> feel that today, we need more understanding among people.
> Although the pre-production has been put on hold at this moment, we are
> not giving up; we are looking for people who share our vision who can> provide alternative funding to help us complete Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan.
> We feel very sorry for what happened and apologize for any inconvenience
> this has caused for you.
> > If you have sent out your audition materials, we'll keep for future
> reviewing when the production resumes. If you haven't sent them out, it's> your decision to send or not.
> > We'll keep you informed about any development.
> > Thanks very much for your interest and support on our show.


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