Monday, December 05, 2005

The Big Sister Curse

Since it's snowing like mad outside, Mom had the good sense to call and warn me not to risk life and limb to drive home for dinner tonight.

I then asked her if it would be ok to have the dance troupe over to practise on Wednesday night since we have a performance coming up.

A quick change of thought overcame her.

She responded, saying that it was fine, but since the basement was a mess, I should brave the snow to drive over and clean it *tonight* AND *tomorrow* night....suddenly, the condition of the basement had superseded my safety and well being.

The basement is a mess because my 25 year old brother lives there and refuses to clean up after himself. So, for some reason, that responsibilty has been passed to me, even though I no longer live in the house.

Life continues to be unfair at age 29. *WHINE*


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous D said...

Lol... Ahh... that is just CLASSIC.


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