Thursday, March 22, 2007

Movin' on up

A quick trip to the Bloomie's website today proved to be delightfully suprising. Prominently gracing the front page is a full page photo of Maggie Q. For those not in sync with Asian cinematic news, Maggie is of Polish-Irish (Father) and Vietnamese (Mother) descent and bears a striking resemblance to our equally freckled Lucy Liu. While relatively unknown in parts American, she is a bonafide Hong Kong filmstar. Maggie also posseses the enviable delight of dating the equally gorgeous Eurasian actor Daniel Henney.

Kudos to Ms. Q and her promotional team for landing her in such a high-profile promotional tie in as Bloomingdale's face for Summer 2007 contemporary wear. Hopefully her small part in "Live Free and Die Hard" starring Bruce Willis will live up to expectations.


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