Thursday, July 21, 2005

For those of you who missed it, my instructor Phil was on the premier of Fox's "So You Can Think You Can Dance (and We Should Have Stuck with the Shorter Working Title of Rhythm Nation *breathe*)" reality show. He flashed by in a grand total of 3 seconds, but his trademark grey Kangol cap gave him away.

The show is craptastic like most reality shows, from its American Idol style opening credits, super cheesy I-have-raven-hair-but-would-prefer-to-act-blond hostess Lauren Sanchez (oh, and could you stop shoving your breasts into the camera?), to the contestants that Nigel allows to advance (whom he ADMITS lack technical skill but know how to shake their ASSets just so). However, if it's a way to open peoples' minds to all the different (ethnic) styles of dancing there are out there and maybe even get some of them to participate, then I'm all for it.


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