Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Missing CA and too much humidity!

The sickly humid haze hovering over the road this morning reminded me of L.A. The grand city of Los Angeles has an orange blanket of smog that your airplane cuts through as you descend into the city and surrounding burbs. It always made me wonder whether the citizens of L.A. and Orange County understood what kind of priceless health concerns they were taking on in exchange for year round 75 degree weather and endless beaches. Not to mention earthquakes, mudslides, and brush fires. Luckily, here in VA, we have more trees to recycle our air with and anchor our dirt with.

Gas prices on the East coast are in neck and neck competition with the West coast, $2.549 for a gallon of premium at the cheapy Crown. Just this past weekend, it had been $2.449, and the week before that, $2.349. For someone who doesn't drink Snapple or soda or any of those other liquids used to make comparisons against the "minimal" costs of gasoline, I think I'm entitled to SOME whining.

The heat shimmered off of the asphalt and turned cars into wavy reflections like those in a carnival fun house. On a day like today, I still drove to work with all the windows down and the sunroof open. All I needed were some palm trees to complete the illusion.


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