Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reality bites
Every girl dreams about her wedding day. It may be a fancy frilly affair with 500 guests or it may be a quick trip to the local judge, but every girl has given at least a miniscule bit of thought to how they'd like their wedding day to be (or whether they even want one).

Buttercream dreams aside, the reality is that with most of us pushing our wedding dates out to our early 30s, we have increased our responsibilities, and therefore financial loads. Our aging parents are looking to retire, many of our mortgages are interest only, and some of us are still paying off or are accruing new student loans.

For those who got married in their early 20s, they were restricted by limited budgets due to careers still in their infancy and lack of time otherwise dedicated to the pursuit of graduate studies.

There is no *perfect* time to get hitched. The joining of two families will always have its associated financial burdens, relationship and communication tussles, and take up way more time and effort than you expected as you juggle the rest of your life with your third hand. There will always be a job to put on hold, a project to interrupt, or something else in life to put a bump in the road.

Something tells me though, that the start of a new life together more than compensates for the trouble experienced while picking out the perfect shade of silver so as to not incense your bridesmaids.


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Holly Golightly said...

hey hunbun, what brought on all this wedding talk??

hmm, i was actually one of those little girls who never thought about her wedding day...

until i turned 25 and my friends started to get married and i became surrounded by wedding planning craziness. then i became quite preoccupied with the idea of weddings and made up for all that time when i never thought about them.

but then i was quickly brought back down to reality where i hope i shall remain.

At 11:17 AM, Blogger Sarah Nejdl said...

Funny timing to discover your blog- right after Matt's engagement!

Wedding dates are a piece of Strawberry Bagatelle wedding cake with Italian cream icing compared to having a baby. Hardly anything has to be put on hold for a wedding, but a baby is all consuming. There's really no perfect time for the first child. But when they arrive it's all worth it. Thank god for oxytocin!


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