Monday, June 25, 2007

21 and counting...

The amusement value of the Metro never fails to disappoint.

I was sharing my train car with a group of very self assured, loud, and most likely drunk kids given the time of night. The boisterous group were soon revealed to be happy college 4th years declaring both their age and their majors and their schools, "oh my!". One of them decided to come and sit on my side of the train and started speaking to myself and the girl sitting in front of me. He introduced himself as a 4th year at VCU, the other girl introduced herself as 19, a 2nd year at UVA.

When it came my turn, I just LOOKED at him. I mean, really, I know we Asians look young, but come on. On one hand, I'm thrilled to have time on my side, on the other, it's an obvious detractor for professional advancement.


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