Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A response per the very wise Mussels, who is NOT a stupid boy, concerning stupid boys:

The resume thing really bugs me because, being someone with goodwriting and design skills, I'm asked for resume help a little too regularly. I don't mind proofreading, but there's definitely a fineline there, and people get all cranky about edits, as if I'm obligatedas a friend to give them detailed advice. So far that time you boughtme dinner in exchange for looking over your resume far exceeds anyother requests I've gotten for niceness.I'm tempted to start telling people, "Write your resume? If you're notcapable of even writing your own resume, then how the heck am Isupposed to believe you're capable of doing the job you get with it?"

It's not just a boy thing. People of all genders are lazy,unmotivated, and underperforming, and if this fact didn't make it thatmuch easier for me to beat them out for a job interview, it would makeme really sad.

Regarding most of the other examples, yeah, well. We're not all like that.

It's perplexing to me, though, that those things don't get sorted outin the "interview" process (see resume, above :-) ). Perhaps I need tosupply my girl friends with a script for first dates?

1. "Hi! My name is ______. It's great to meet you. Thanks for inviting me out. What did your mother think of this?"
A. I DIDN'T TELL HER --> Continue
B. Any other answer -> Terminate.

2. "That's cool. This is a great place. Do you come here often?"
B. Any other answer -> Continue.

3. "You live alone?"
A. YES -> Continue.
B. ANY OTHER ANSWER -> Terminate. (If a guy over 25 has a roommate,there's only about a 5% chance it's for an acceptable reason, unless maybe this is Manhattan, and even then it can lead to issues)..

. . you get the idea.

A very wise man indeed, let me ditch the rose colored glasses. Somehow those always get in the way.


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