Thursday, March 09, 2006


Emmenthal cheese is a delicious cave aged Swiss cheese, I should have tried it earlier in my life. It also makes a fantastic addition to a fondue, with brie and a dash of champagne.

Brushing your teeth after lunch is a good idea. Leaving the alfalfa sprouts that were just lodged in your teeth so that your coworker finds them in the bathroom sink at work is not.

I would like my next job to leverage my Chinese language speaking skills. It would be nice to receive monetary remuneration for something I've spent my entire life doing.

Racial discrimination is alive and well. Sometimes it's just spun as a "development opportunity" for you and not one for them to open their eyes to cultural awareness.

After 3 semesters of advanced physics in college, I still don't understand all the math.

They say that when a door closes, a window opens...but how far off the ground is that window?!

Some friends were meant to be temporary.

I don't really wish I had more money, just more peace of mind.


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