Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The housing frenzy...continued

FD just hired a friend from the parent company in NorCal to come work with us. This of course requires that she pack and move all her earthly belongings (including a giant wall of stuffed animals) and adorable little rabbit on down to warm, sunny, SoCal. Transaction also includes sale of one house in the Bay area and purchase of new.

Housing in the Bay area is even more exorbitantly expensive than LA...not needing to see it to believe it, I'm sure it's a true testament to urban living and space conciousness at it's best.

I toured the new abode today, the beefed up model home anyway, a picture perfect showcase of contemporary casual living straight out of the pages of your favorite Pottery/Crate/Elm catalogs.

An adorable stucco 3 story split level tower with soaring ceiilngs, plenty of natural light, and a dynamic staircase that cut on a diagonal, it was a marvel of great planning and compacted living that somehow wasn't. Even without the granit counter tops, all brushed silver appliances, hardwood floors, diamond patterned raised carpeting, and imported Italian granite tile upgrades, it was still adorable.

1,736 sq ft for 600K base price before options, property tax, and a maraschino Mella Roos. This was more expensive than the final cost on FD's 2 story 2000+ sq ft detached HOUSE WITH YARD back in 1998.

And to top it all off, an East coast friend reminded me about the gas prices.