Saturday, May 28, 2005

Love is a toe ring.

When your 50+ year old Mom notices that you like blue toenail polish and buys you a matching silver toe ring with blue rhinestones, that's love.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Received an email today:

"I don't have time to give you the address, but I have time to send you a full length email to let you know that I don't have time to give you the address."

Could someone explain the logic of that?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

Gotta toot my own horn, one of my photos made the Washington Post today!

The article is online (with no photos, go figure!), here's a photo of the print edition, and the original submission.

I'm not ashamed to say I went out and bought a few copies.

Friday, May 20, 2005

You know you're being dated when you sign up for The Facebook and they don't even list your graduation year as an option. It only goes back to 2000. *sigh*

Friday. It's sad, grey, and raining. I'm glad I don't have a window office.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

We were talking about Plan B's last night, you know, "why don't you and I get married when we're blank age". One guy had 4 women who had him set up as a Plan B so he was covered. We also noticed that and all of us keep pushing back the appropriate drop dead age to get married by....30 doesn't seem so far off anymore.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

woot! New font, new colors, isn't it exciting?

Wednesday requested a wardrobe change.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Singing Chef was in town this weekend and kindly VERY KINDLY gave us a display of his cooking prowess. The superb meal started off with a FRESH spinach salad topped with strawberries and walnuts, almond breaded chicken, and my favorite, mushroom orzo. Fungus are our friends, and make a tasty addition to any meal. Dessert was a quick set key lime pie and Center Stage.

He showed us a nifty method of spiral cutting oranges with a chopstick (and a knife).

I even got him to sing a teensy bit after most people had left ;-). The world doesn't have enough singing boys.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A response per the very wise Mussels, who is NOT a stupid boy, concerning stupid boys:

The resume thing really bugs me because, being someone with goodwriting and design skills, I'm asked for resume help a little too regularly. I don't mind proofreading, but there's definitely a fineline there, and people get all cranky about edits, as if I'm obligatedas a friend to give them detailed advice. So far that time you boughtme dinner in exchange for looking over your resume far exceeds anyother requests I've gotten for niceness.I'm tempted to start telling people, "Write your resume? If you're notcapable of even writing your own resume, then how the heck am Isupposed to believe you're capable of doing the job you get with it?"

It's not just a boy thing. People of all genders are lazy,unmotivated, and underperforming, and if this fact didn't make it thatmuch easier for me to beat them out for a job interview, it would makeme really sad.

Regarding most of the other examples, yeah, well. We're not all like that.

It's perplexing to me, though, that those things don't get sorted outin the "interview" process (see resume, above :-) ). Perhaps I need tosupply my girl friends with a script for first dates?

1. "Hi! My name is ______. It's great to meet you. Thanks for inviting me out. What did your mother think of this?"
A. I DIDN'T TELL HER --> Continue
B. Any other answer -> Terminate.

2. "That's cool. This is a great place. Do you come here often?"
B. Any other answer -> Continue.

3. "You live alone?"
A. YES -> Continue.
B. ANY OTHER ANSWER -> Terminate. (If a guy over 25 has a roommate,there's only about a 5% chance it's for an acceptable reason, unless maybe this is Manhattan, and even then it can lead to issues)..

. . you get the idea.

A very wise man indeed, let me ditch the rose colored glasses. Somehow those always get in the way.

May it be duly noted that the navigation bar at the top of the LAtimes newspaper has ts top three sections categorized as the following:

"Other Categories"

Because people only care about whether Jennifer Garner is pregnant or not, forget Bush's visit to Georgia.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rule #1, boys are stupid, allow me to provide examples:

  • A 33 year old who thinks that his "advanced age" allows him the privilege of ungentlemanly behavior towards women. And you're rooming with a 24 year old male who you're not related to?
  • A 31 year old who lived at home with his parents up until a few months ago who considers calling in sick as an acceptable form of resignation letter. Repeatedly. At multiple jobs.
  • A 27 year old who has been in the job market for several years now, but begs his little sister 3 years younger to not only edit, but compose his resume for him. Allow me to introduce the concept of grammar.
  • A 25 year old doctor to be who could have referred to his basic anatomy class to realize that the umbilical cord was detached years ago. I know your dialing finger isn't broken. Hiding your head in the sand and not calling is NOT an acceptable mature way of being an adult (regardless of what Mommy says).
  • A 24 year old who consideres high priced ponies under a hood more valuable than saving his pennies and establishing some independence. I see basement living in your future for a long long time.
  • A 21 year old who has sunk to a new food laziness low by eating frozen precooked chicken nuggets straight out of the bag....tasty! Chicken flavored ice.

Given these shining examples, it's obvious that age is not an indicator of maturity whatsoever. Be careful ladies, it's a warzone out there.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Sad day of all sad days.....Quest China is on hold indefinitely, but my friends and I have spent too much time working on my audition tape to NOT send it in.

> Dear semi-finalists of Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan:
> We are very sad to announce that AZN Television has just pulled the
> funding for Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan. House Films and AZN TV are not able
> to come to agreement about the nature and direction of the show, as the
> original creators and producers of the show, we are not willing to give up
> our creative integrity.
> Our vision for Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan is about people from different
> cultural backgrounds coming together, having an adventure and journey in
> China, at the same time discovering themselves and different cultures. We
> feel that today, we need more understanding among people.
> Although the pre-production has been put on hold at this moment, we are
> not giving up; we are looking for people who share our vision who can> provide alternative funding to help us complete Quest China, Da Tiao Zhan.
> We feel very sorry for what happened and apologize for any inconvenience
> this has caused for you.
> > If you have sent out your audition materials, we'll keep for future
> reviewing when the production resumes. If you haven't sent them out, it's> your decision to send or not.
> > We'll keep you informed about any development.
> > Thanks very much for your interest and support on our show.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Married people are really rather odd.

I, being a carefree single person, am constantly beleagured by friends and coworkers on the other side of the line for the finer details of my dating and social life. I don't think it's THAT exciting to be single, to be hit on by inappropriate and sleazy men, constantly scouring the newspaper for the next "IT" event to show up at. Isn't it difficult enough to remember to pick up the kids after daycare, to clean up the living room after the dog meets the sofa pillow's innards, and to C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E constantly with your ever present mate who is scheduled to part only on death?

Nevermind, I'm going to find a fun and random function to attend, as a fun and random single person.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I am running for Race for the Cure again this year. Magicly though, this year I have become organized enough to join an actual team and raise some actual donation funds! Go me!

If you would like to sponsor my graciously sweaty crawl towards the finish line, please click here. Your support for me, the cause, and my 78 year old grandmother who is a survivor of breast cancer is GREATLY appreciated!