Monday, August 01, 2005

This Saturday, we moved Casa Cate into her new one bedroom condo in Arlington. "We" being the misstatement of the year. The motley crew of "we" consisted of 6 females and 1 male, our lone male was hungover and already exhausted from lack of sleep as he and his band had played a gig the night before. The other male who had promised to help had managed to attend a birthday party the night before, grabbed 3 hours of sleep on the fly, woke up on time to make his golf lesson from 9-12, promptly zonked out afterwards and was therefore otherwise incapacitated. It was quite the comedy of mixed up priorities, or perhaps a tragedy?

Our little motley crew of 4 attacked our afternoon with no fear (yes, we're down to 4, a pregnant woman 7 months along and her 50+ year old mother really aren't prime candidates for a Red Ball hauling crew). Our first (of 2) moves started at 2pm. Move 1 was to move Mandy into her ne apt. move 2 was to move KT from Public Storage into her new condo. Three hours later, we had cheerfully emptied the contents of a 17 foot U-haul truck while repeatedly marching up and down a graduated hillside and a flight of very narrow apartment stairs. We had also managed to memorize fun trivia on the "Monster Tully" from Illinois that was emblazoned on the sides of the moving truck because it provided some much needed shade from the relentless sun and 80% humidity.

Move number 2 started with a pickup at Public Storage. Some heavenly Double Cheeseburgers provided much needed sustenance, I have never inhaled such a delicious piece of grey meat so quickly.

The rest of the evening went fairly smoothly as we piled Cate'belongings on top of her newly installed (and absolutely gorgeous) redwood floors. As we shoo'd the non English speaking flooring installers out of the way, her new fort of boxes continued to grow, the sawdust settled and the flooring glue degassed. Needless to say, she stayed at my place for the night, the chemical fumes could have killed a herd of elephants.

The next day we treated ourselves to a very well deserved brunch. All I needed was a manicure to go with my sweet potato fries.


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